Year Round

The Christmas Season absolutely has to be our favorite crop of the year. We have the honor of being one of the select few greenhouses that grow trial varieties of poinsettias for Paul Ecke of California—the leader in poinsettia production in the United States.

All of our beautiful poinsettias are FLORIST QUALITY Majestic poinsettias grown in a 61/2" pot with 4 to 6 large blooms. Our 6 1/2" poinsettias average 4 to 6 blooms per plant with an average height of 16 to 18 inches.

In addition to our 6 1/2" product we also grow 4 1/4" pixies, 8" double-pinched, 10" standard and Beldon baskets, 10" trees and mini-bushes. The trees and mini-bushes are unbelievably large and full with 30 to 40 colorful bracts. The mini-bushes are 24 to 30" tall and the trees up to 48 inches tall. Christmas poinsettias are a symbol of a wonderful season.

We provide churches of all denominations with their poinsettias, as donations, as well as memorials to those family members and friends who have preceded us in death. Plants are a wonderful gift that continues to "keep on giving" long after the blooms have dropped—the plant remains as a token of appreciation and kindness.

We own the patent to a beautiful poinsettia know as "Garnet." It has an incredible shelf-life, is a deep, dark red with a dark green leaf and is extremely forgiving—making Garnet a wonderful plant for retail installations. Available Colors: Red -

The all-time favorite and truly THE Christmas flower. White - Large creamy white flowers, beautiful when grouped with red poinsettias. Pink - Bright pink blooms - a decorator's dream Marble - Creamy white blooms marbled with soft pink. Monét - No two alike—red blooms speckled and streaked with pink! Winter Rose

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