Year Round

Early to Late Spring Availability Our Spring product includes a wide variety of blooming plants. Beginning in January and February in 6 1/2" product we have cineraria, tulips, African Violets, cyclamen and azaleas. In addition we have tulips, African violets and cyclamen in 4 1/4" offerings. Easter Our Easter crops include the ever-popular Easter Lily along with a supply of Asiatic Lilies grown in 6 1/2 inch pots.We also grow two separate crops spaced a few weeks apart of 8" hydrangeas in both blue and pink varieties. Another spectacular crop this time of year is our 12 varieties of caladiums grown in 6" containers. Unlike most growers today we take the extra time to core and size each bulb–we use#1 bulbs planted 5 to a pot. What this means to you is a pot full of beautiful caladiums instead of a pot with a few spindly spikes. You have to see them to believe it! Mother's Day This holiday consists of 8" hydrangeas in blue and pink that are absolutely full and gorgeous! Hydrangeas are one of the most sought after plants created to say "You are the most important, influential person in my life and you always will be." The distinctive, large round blooms exude femininity. Anyone would delight in receiving such a colorful bouquet type plant!

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