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Summer Crops Summertime and the living is HOT HOT HOT! But at Dietert Greenhouses it is NOT NOT NOT! Here in Texas the heat is up and the aquifer is down, but you can still have a beautiful garden. we can teach you "container gardening," which is a unique way of gardening that keeps your plants hearty and beautiful in spite of hot weather. In creating your container garden you will want healthy, vibrant plants and all of our plants are fresh and bug-free from our greenhouses. This allows us to price our product like those from the "chain stores" except you get product fresh off the greenhouse bench. Our summer crops include a wide variety of potted foliage product in just about any size that you might require. We also grow various blooming potted plants including impatiens, New Guineas impatiens, vincas, Reiger begonias, purslane, portulaca and hibiscus to name just a few. Once again call us for any additional information that you require. If give enough time we can even grow custom plants for your specific needs. Here in the South, where it can get hot at any time of the year, you learn to grow plants that require minimum water, upkeep and are tolerant of the heat. Xeriscaping is becoming one of the most important trends in the South and Southwest. Xeriscaping, along with our container gardening is a perfect combination. Our low-maintenance plants include numerous ivies and blooming plants like sages, purslanes and native lantanas.

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