Year Round

Year Round
We grow a number of potted foliage and blooming year round i assorted sizes from 4 1/4 in. to 14". Our 10" product is available in either a hanging basket or upright foliage. Our year round product includes, but is not limited to: Mums Dieffenbachia Ferns Reiger Begonias Kalanchoes Assorted Ivy Dracena Azaleas Nephthytis Spider Plant Waffle Exacum Spathiphylum Bloodleaf Color Bowls Pothos Ivy Swedish Ivy Curly Airplane Ficus Benjamina Croton Pothos Totems 6" Combo 10" Combo 12" Combo 14" Combo 22" Combo And Many More!

Our blooming product is grown in our own soil-less mix that is blended on the premises every day. Our mums are grown from the beginning in 6 1/2" pots with 5 cuttings in each pot. This creates an extremely full mum with proficient blooms. Pot mums should have a minimum of 12 single flowers or 30 multiple flowers to the degree of openness as specified. They should also have a good floral display with uniform distribution of the flowers about the pot.

Kalanchoes are grown in a similar manner with 3 cuttings per 6 1/2" pot and Reiger

Begonias are also grown in 6 1/2" pots with 3 cuttings per pot.

If you or your company requires further information on any of our plant products, we would be more than happy to supply you with further specs.

In addition to our blooming product, we also grow a wide variety of potted foliage product in just about any size that you might require. Our foliage is grown in container sizes ranging from 4 1/4" all the way up to 14" pots–including baskets and uprights.

Just like our blooming product, our foliage is not delivered to you for you to finish out. Our foliage is finished out on our own benches, which means a full-grown plant for you—not one just barely out of the pot. Once again, call us for any additional information you might require. If given enough time we can also grow custom plants for your specific needs.

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